Who We Are

St. Joseph Parish is a thriving faith community whose parishioners have cultivated a strong support network for their friends and neighbors. The sacraments are at the heart of who we are.  Each week we come together to celebrate the most holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Since 1926, through generations of tradition, we have been supporting and praying for those in need in our community. We deepen our faith through devotions and studies in our faith tradition. Some of the ways the people of St. Joseph’s respond to their neighbors in need are:

  1. provide pastoral care at all stages of life
  2. contribute to minimize food and shelter insecurities (click here for a list of resources)
  3. support community members in spiritual or emotional need (click here for a list of resources)
  4. support soldiers of local families
  5. support local charitable organizations
  6. support local businesses

Mission Statement

To inspire, support and strengthen our community through faith, education, worship and service and become the living body and face of Christ in our neighborhood.