Welcome to the new home of St Joseph Catholic Church, Berwick on the World Wide Web.  Our new address on the web is www.stjosephberwick.com and I expect that this will be a valuable way to keep in touch with our Parish. 

May God bless and Mary Keep you and yours





  • Kathleen PenlesPosted on 2/25/18

    Father Larlick, for the parish's 90th anniversary the bulletin noted that parishioners who were 90 years old and older would be invited to a special Mass on Sunday, February 25, 2018. My mother, Betty Penles, age 92, never received an invitation. She is a convert and has been a member of this parish since 1947. My parents were married there in 1948. My two sisters and I were all baptized, confirmed, and received our first holy communion at St. Joseph. Also, my two sisters were married in that parish by Father Mammarella. In addition, both my sisters and I attended the parochial school from grades 1-8. My mother is pretty much housebound, but she continues to receive and give her envelopes, buys the festival tickets, contributes to the Lenten Appeal, etc. I am thinking that the invitations were for parishioners who were "born" into the parish, not converts. We thought that my mom may have inadvertently discarded it, but she said no. Thank you for the opportunity to submit this inquiry. I am Betty's oldest daughter (Kathleen Penles and I live in Harrisburg. One of my other sisters, Mary Lee Berninger, lives in Berwick and is a parishioner of St. Joseph.

  • Stephen C. LazarPosted on 1/09/18

    Can you add my dad, Stephen M. Lazar, to the parish prayer list? He has been having some issues with internal bleeding and has been in and out of the hospital for the past few months. A simple call could help raise his spirits a bit if you get a chance. (570-441-2362) Thank you!

  • MichaelPosted on 11/18/17

    Thank you, Father Larlick, for getting us on line.