The Elevator is closed for repair until further notice.

On the first day of spring, our Church elevator decided to take a vacation.  It chose to stop working mid day, trapping our Sacristan/Housekeeper inside.  Fortunately, the Parish Priest happened to be walking by and heard the elevator alarm.  We thank the Berwick Fire Department, Salem Township, for their timely assistance in rescuing our safe and sound church employee. 

The elevator technician informs us that a very important part, that is apparently constructed of gold, platinum, and moon dust, has failed.  We will be fixing the elevator, but a new, very rare, and precious part must first be obtained, and no estimate for its procurement has been given.  The precious part is not the only issue.  Once the new part is installed and verified to be the fix, the elevator must then be inspected by a Government Worker from Harrisburg before we can allow the use of the elevator.

We will let you know when the FIX IS IN.  In the meantime, please plan to be without an elevator for an extended period of time.