Father Dominick Mammarella has passed into Life Eternal.

Father Dominick Mammarella, a priest of the Diocese of Harrisburg, has died this Friday, May 8, 2020.  Father Mammarella was 95 years of age, and was the oldest and longest serving priest in our Diocese.  

Father Mammarella served as Pastor of Saint Joseph, Berwick, for many years.  He was our third pastor since the founding of the Parish, from 1963 to 1971, and then again from 1977 to 2000.  Father Mammarella guided St. Joseph through years of change, from Vatican II all the way through to the twenty first century.  He beautified and improved St. Joseph Parish, he loved the Parish, and when it was time to retire, he chose to make St. Joseph Parish, Berwick his home.  As a retired priest, he  lavished his time, talent, and limited treasure on the Parish, on Holy Family Consolidated School, and on the greater community of Berwick.

Father Mammarella will be greatly missed.  He can be assured of the prayers of the Priest, People and Staff of St. Joseph Parish, Berwick, for the repose of his soul as he journeys to that place that Jesus Christ has prepared for him.


  • Nancy DellegrottoPosted on 5/11/20

    I have some great memories of Father Mammerella his masses were always so beautiful along with alot of meaning also uplifting RIP Father Mammerella

  • Debra PhillipsPosted on 5/09/20

    He was truly a holy man. Generous with his time . Helping anyone in need. Spiritual in his earthly deeds. Faithful in his service. Loving friend to his community. Remembered from this day forward in our hearts until we meet again in the company of God's holy angels. Father would like that.

  • Kathleen Bafunno TaylorPosted on 5/09/20

    Father Mammarella was a guiding light in my life. He helped me through many tough times in my life. He was a great inspiration to me. God only takes us when our task are done here in earth. Father help many with his wise words and love of God and people. Rest easy Father your work will live on in all your people and our town of Berwick.

  • Tony DeFranciscoPosted on 5/09/20

    I have many fond memories of Fr. Mammerella from my childhood on. He created the the first gym our little town called the "Kennedy Club" obviously named after Pres. Kennedy in the church basement. He also set up a large basketball court across from the church. Father Mammerella was also a bodybuilder and espoused fitness, health and wellness going back to 1965.

    When he lived in Harrisburg, he was training partners with a former AAU Mr. America Vern Weaver. Fr. Mammerella told us once that when Weaver went to London, England to compete for the Mr. Universe title, Weaver met a nice lady there and called Fr. Mammerella long distance from London, England for some priestly advice. Some of us will remember how much long distance calls cost back in those days (1963). That is how highly regarded Fr. MAM was to people who knew him Perhaps he and Weaver are in heaven working out in that big gym in the sky.

    He was a fine speaker and an outstanding priest. While he retired around 2008, he was frequently requested to perform masses by request.

    People of Berwick will remember the hard work Fr. Mammerella did in our community. Perhaps one of the biggest joys was the Christmas display he arranged every year for years inside and outside of the church. When people from out of town came to Berwick to see the famous Berwick Blvd., they would always comment on the display at St Joseph's church as being "Out of this world" and it was.

    He also did a lot to beautify our church and make it one of the beautiful churchs in the entire diocese.

    In 1965, he took the 8th grade graduating class from St. Josephs school to Hershey Park and then 2 weeks later to NYC for the New York Worlds Fair.

    I served as an altar boy with him for two years. He was great to work with.

    My wife and I were honored that he served in our wedding back in 2008.

    When my father passed away when I was only 14, Father Mammerella called me into his office at the rectory spoke with me for about an hour, sympathizing with my loss knowing how difficult this was for a young kid and also assured me that if I ever needed anyone to talk to, to feel free to come in or call him. He said, "I know you have an older brother and some uncles. But if you ever need another voice to talk to, look me as a father, and not just as a priestly father." He also prayed with me during that hour. What a great man.

    RIP Father MAM. You dedicated your life to God and people.Now it is your turn to rest and be illness and pain free.

    Many thanks to Tony Ursi for letting me know. And to Ron Hugick, Angela Evina and Margie Trap for keeping me updated on his condition.


  • Ron HugickPosted on 5/09/20

    Share your memories of Father Mammarella. Some of mine: Practicing songs before start of Mass & emphasis on singing not seen anywhere else, turning colored lights up/down during Eucharistic prayer, annual altar boy trip to Hershey Park and 8th grade class trips to New York City, Kennedy Club & Kennedy Court, decorating the church for Christmas, Good Friday 3+ hour service, Midnight Mass at Christmas, his Avanti car, introducing lay teachers & educational innovations like the "lab table", starting the school library, building the Assumption shrine and Rosary Walk, Memorial Day service at St. Mary's cemetery etc......

  • Deacon David LapinskiPosted on 5/08/20

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,

    and let perpetual light shine upon him.

    May he rest in peace. Amen.

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