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Summer Repairs

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 8/14/18

Repair, Maintain, Conserve

Our friend Otis the Elevator is back in action.  Please feel free to be lifted up by Otis to attend to Mass.

We have some current repair projects:

1. Our school building is getting a new roof, because a good part of the old roof blew away ... Read More »

Elevator Update

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 4/06/18

Our elevator of 28 years is no longer working because a critical part has failed.  We have received a quote for its repair, and let me just say that if a young relative of yours is wavering between law school and elevator mechanic school...I would suggest elevator mechanic school.  The part itself ... Read More »

The Elevator is closed for repair until further notice.

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 3/21/18

On the first day of spring, our Church elevator decided to take a vacation.  It chose to stop working mid day, trapping our Sacristan/Housekeeper inside.  Fortunately, the Parish Priest happened to be walking by and heard the elevator alarm.  We thank the Berwick Fire Department, Salem Township, for their timely ... Read More »

Parish History

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 1/10/18

One hundred years before there was Saint Joseph’s in Berwick, the first organized Catholic activity led to the development of Immaculate Conception Parish.  At that time all Catholics in Berwick worshipped in this parish.

In 1917, the new pastor at Saint Mary’s (Father Leonard S. Baluta) found a large ... Read More »

No Daily Mass October 9-13

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 10/04/17

Just a reminder, there is no daily Mass from Monday October 9 through Friday October 13.  Your pastor will be away at a mandatory event.

Posted by Father Matthew Larlick on 9/25/17

Welcome to the new home of St Joseph Catholic Church, Berwick on the World Wide Web.  Our new address on the web is and I expect that this will be a valuable way to keep in touch with our Parish. 

May God bless and Mary Keep you and yours

... Read More »